How to Stay Safe while shoping Online?

  1. When you are shoping online on your mobile then don't forget to check for "https" in the url instead of "http". It shows the highest level of security. Keep in mind that "https" should always appear in the URL particularly where your are providing some important info like your credit card details etc.
  2. Always use mobile apps with passwords and DO NOT SAVE those passwords in mobile. Although you would need to type the password every time when required, but if you lose your mobile, this may cause a serious problem.
  3. There are some apps or softwares which helps you in tracking your lost phone and also help others, who find your mobile, to contact you. Make sure to use them. Some softwares like Norton Mobile Security gives you the option to remotely wiping or locking your mobile if needed.
  4. Do not allow others to make automatic connections with your device. Some android mobiles are set up to connect wi-fi network or bluetooth automatically. Keep these options disabled. This will stop your mobile to connect with other devices and transmitting the data without your permission.
  5. Buy the protective applications. As per the report from Symantec in 2013, which studies users' online behavior and how to stay safe, mobile crime is on the rise using the malicious or malware softwares and is increasing by 58% per year.

    Malware can completely damage your mobile or it can steal your personal information too.